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Exploring Athens with Kids: Top Family-Friendly Activities

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Headed to Athens with the family and puzzling over kid-friendly activities?

Between its historic landmarks, hands-on museums, and playful activities, the city is brimming with enchantments to captivate the whole clan!

Let’s dive in.

💡 The Captain’s tips 💡

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Catching the Guard Change at Syntagma Square

Nestled in the heart of Athens, Syntagma Square unveils a spectacle steeped in tradition: the changing of the guard. Every hour on the hour, guards, adorned in their striking white and red garb, put on a mesmerizing display in front of the Parliament, at the foot of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

On Sundays at 11 am, the ceremony is even more spectacular: the entire garrison steps out, accompanied by a lively band, making it an unmissable Athenian family experience!

Ascend Mount Lycabettus by Funicular

Craving sweeping views of the Greek capital? Head to the summit of Mount Lycabettus! Let’s be real: rallying the troops to trek up this 278-meter-high hill might be a tad ambitious. But fear not, Captain Ulysses has the perfect workaround: the funicular!

In operation since 1965, this historic transport whisks you to the top daily, from 9 am to a wee 1:30 am. At the top, you will enjoy an unparalleled view of Athens.

Stroll through the National Garden of Athens

Formerly known as the “royal garden,” the National Garden of Athens are a lush urban escape right in the heart of the capital. What’s in store? Over 500 types of plants and trees sprawling across over 40 acres. Crafted in 1839-1840 by Queen Amalia, it carves out a serene backdrop for a family amble, a world away from the capital’s buzz and bustle.

With its shaded paths, quaint lakes, and diverse wildlife, it’s your go-to haven for a tranquil pause amidst your Athenian escapades.

Discover the Lego Parthenon at the Acropolis Museum

Shake off any staid notions of archaeological museums! Tucked into a sleek, modern shell crafted in 2009, the Acropolis Museum dazzles visitors of all ages, especially with a Lego masterpiece: a meticulously crafted Parthenon. A generous gift from Sydney’s Nicholson Museum, this unique model, boasting over 120,000 pieces, demanded hundreds of labor-intensive hours to construct!

It’s a surefire way to snag the kiddos’ attention and let them soak in history through playful learning.

👉 More info: Secure your tickets for the Acropolis and its museum with an audioguide

Treasure Hunts & Escape Games in Athens

In search of a savvy way to rally your little explorers to wander through Athens? Captain Ulysses has just the ticket: morph your city exploration into a grand open-air escapade.

Choose from a treasure trove of options – be it treasure hunts, scavenger games, or outdoor escape games – to motivate the entire clan to uncover Athens in a novel way.

👉 More info: selection of treasure hunts, scavenger games, and outdoor escape games in Athens

Family-Friendly Guided Tours

Concerned that your little ones might zone out mere minutes into a guided tour? Consider opting for a tour crafted especially for kids!

Your guide will adjust to the youthful audience, ensuring to weave in the myths and stories of the Athenian capital. A fun, educational moment that’s guaranteed to enchant the whole family!

👉 More info: Private Acropolis Tour for Families | Ancient Athens Private 4-Hour Walking Tour for Kids

Navigating Athens with Hop-On Hop-Off Buses

Eager to behold Athens’ iconic monuments but not up for trekking across the capital with the whole crew?

Here’s a tip: jump aboard the hop-on hop-off buses. These double-deckers are perfect to drift between the city’s key sights, all while soaking in panoramic views of the Greek capital. Tune into the audio guides for a deep dive into the city’s storied past.

The best part? Jump on and off as you please, making city exploration truly on your terms!

👉 More info: Hop-On Hop-Off Bus featuring Piraeus and the coast

Cruises departing from Athens

Although Athens is primarily known for its ancient treasures, it is also an ideal starting point for memorable cruises around the islands of the Saronic Gulf.

Numerous excursions whisk you away to idyllic islands like Agistri, Moni, and Aegina, offering refreshing family dips into in the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean.

These cruises, often featuring onboard lunch, seamlessly blend relaxation, exploration, and cheerful vibes. A must-do experience for those keen on unveiling Greece’s nautical charm with the family!

👉 More info: Choose from a range of day or extended cruises from Athens

Family Snorkeling Adventures

Embark on a family journey to Nea Makri and unveil the aquatic treasures of the Athens area, all under the guidance of a certified instructor.

After a swift boat jaunt from Marathon Beach, you’ll explore the secluded bays of Cape Marathon, plunge into the Mediterranean’s warm, crystal-clear waters, and marvel at the area’s vibrant marine life. Two snorkeling spots beckon, followed by chill time either on the boat or along the golden sands of Schinias Bay.

All in all, it’s a heartwarming, discovery-packed adventure for the entire crew!

👉 More info: Snorkeling Excursion to Cape Marathon and Schinias Bay

Olympic Training Session in Athens

Step into the shoes of an ancient Greek athlete with a fun and interactive Olympic Training Session in Athens!

Families can immerse themselves in the rich history of the Olympic Games, engaging in a lively training session where you’ll learn and practice authentic ancient Olympic sports. From discus throwing to long jumping, your family will be guided by experts, ensuring a safe, educational, and utterly memorable experience.

It’s not only a physical activity but a journey back in time, providing a unique perspective on ancient Greek culture and sport.

👉 More info: Olympic Training Session in Athens

Mythology-Themed Guided Tour

Calling all story enthusiasts and mythology buffs! The Captain heartily encourages you to dive into a thematic guided tour, unveiling the myths and tales shrouded behind the Greek capital’s iconic landmarks. Your journey will weave through the Temple of Zeus, Theatre of Dionysus, Temple of Athena Nike, Parthenon, and Erechtheion…

So, are you ready to embark on a fascinating journey through Greek history and mythology?

👉 More info: Myhtology-Themed Guided Tour

Exploring Athens’ Street Art

Prepare to be dazzled by a different side of the Greek capital! Can’t picture Athens as a haven for urban art? Think again: The New York Times even hailed Athens as “Europe’s contemporary Mecca of street art”!

A world away from the ancient Greek temples, street artists have turned parts of the city into vibrant open-air galleries!

Joined by a street artist, you’ll explore the Psiri, Gázi, and Metaxourgeío neighborhoods, uncovering artworks and murals that adorn the city walls, echoing the political and social pulses of modern Athenians.

A quirky, enlightening, and colorful tour that’s sure to captivate the entire family!

👉 More info: Guided tour exploring Athens’ street art

Exploring Athens’ Museum of Illusions

Ready for a whimsical detour amidst your cultural explorations in the Greek capital? Head to the Museum of Illusions in Athens!

Boasting over 70 exhibits, games, and illusions, visitors are whisked into a world where science and amusement collide, a realm that will trick their senses and challenge their grasp on reality. From endless rooms to startling holograms, every nook of the museum unveils a fresh visual escapade (and a snap-worthy photo op!).

In essence: a mesmerizing pitstop for families adventuring through Athens!

👉 More info: Grab Your Ticket to Athens’ Museum of Illusions

Family Food Tour

Awaken your senses and immerse the family in the authentic zest of Greek cuisine with a gastronomic tour, exploring the nation’s culinary treasures!

Kickstart your day with a traditional Greek coffee and a crunchy “koulouri”, then weave through the city’s gourmet shops, bakeries, and markets. Relish in olives, oils, tapenades, and succumb to the sweetness of Baklava. Explore the Varvakeios Central Market and Spice Street, wrapping up your culinary voyage with a selection of Greek mezzes at a local charcuterie.

A scrumptious experience that’s sure to delight every family member!

👉 More info:Guided Gastronomic Tour in Athens

Exploring the Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology

Eager to delve into the inventive world of ancient Greeks? Head to the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology! Nestled in a beautiful Art Nouveau building, the museum beckons visitors to unearth the awe-inspiring technologies of yesteryears. What’s in store? Over 300 working models of Greek inventions, including the world’s oldest analog computer. Indeed, the Greeks were ancient pioneers in various technological realms, from robotics and cinema to hydraulic technologies…

In short, it’s an enlightening and playful pitstop sure to enchant inquisitive souls of all ages!

👉 More info: Grab Your Ticket to the Kotsanas Museum

Family E-Bike Adventure Through Athens

Is your lively little crew bursting with energy? Captain Ulysses heartily suggests embarking on a guided electric bike journey. A playful and green way to traverse the Athenian capital, it promises a unique exploration. On the agenda: the Palace and National Gardens, the Temple of Zeus, the Panathenaic Stadium, and the Plaka district.

All aboard, spirited explorers!

👉 More info: Athens E-Bike Guided Tour

Sky-High Dining at Dinner in the Sky

Craving an utterly unforgettable family moment? Indulge in a family feast at Dinner in the Sky! The concept: dinner in an alfresco dining room, perched on a platform suspended 40 meters above the ground!

From this vantage point, you’ll be treated to a truly breathtaking view of the Athenian capital and its iconic landmarks, including the Parthenon hill.

In a nutshell: unforgettable!

👉 More info: Dine at Dinner in the Sky

Family Cooking Class in Athens

Calling all food lovers! Embark on a culinary adventure with your family in Athens by joining a delightful 4-hour cooking class that includes a visit to the vibrant Varvakios Agora market.

Begin your day exploring the market with your cook, selecting fresh ingredients and interacting with local traders. Back at The Greek Kitchen, engage in a hands-on cooking experience, preparing a variety of authentic Greek dishes. Conclude your culinary journey by savoring the dishes you’ve crafted, paired with organic local wine and a shot of Greek digestive liquor (for the adults!), ensuring a memorable and flavorful experience for the entire family!

👉 More info: Food market visit and cooking class with wine

Athens Tuk Tuk Tour

Not feeling like exploring the capital from top to bottom on foot! Hop aboard a tuk tuk for a one-of-a-kind, family-friendly exploration of the streets of Athens!

Navigate through the iconic neighborhoods, from the lively Plaka to the scenic Anafiotika, while a friendly guide shares intriguing tales of Athens’ rich history. The compact size of the tuk-tuk allows for exploration of hidden gems and narrow lanes, providing an intimate and adventurous glimpse into the city’s charming secrets, making it a delightful escapade for families exploring Athens!

👉 More info: Athens tuk tuk tour

Family Kayaking Tour

Embark on a sea kayak adventure from Athens to Cape Sounion with your family, blending exploration and excitement!

Paddle along the stunning Athenian Riviera, exploring hidden caves and secluded beaches, providing a unique perspective of the iconic Temple of Poseidon. This aquatic journey ensures a blend of historical discovery and aquatic fun, offering opportunities to snorkel in the crystal-clear waters and enjoy a delicious picnic on a beautiful beach.

With expert guides ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience, this kayak excursion promises a day of sun, sea, and splendid memories for the entire family!

👉 More info: Cape Sounion Kayaking Tour from Athens

Athens Electric Scooter Tour

Hop on an electric scooter and explore the scenic landscapes of the Athenian Riviera with your family!

This exhilarating ride along the coast offers a blend of fresh sea air, stunning vistas, and the thrill of exploring on two wheels. Glide effortlessly from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center to the iconic Flisvos Marina, soaking in the vibrant atmosphere and picturesque views.

👉 More info: Athens Riviera Electric Scooter Tour

Athens Segway Tour

Whizz through the historic streets of Athens on a Segway, offering your family a fun and modern way to explore ancient wonders!

This dynamic tour glides through the city’s iconic landmarks, such as the Acropolis and the Temple of Hephaestus. With an expert guide sharing fascinating tales and ensuring a safe ride, families can enjoy an effortless exploration of Athens’ rich history and vibrant culture, making it an engaging and adventurous experience for explorers of all ages!

👉 More info: Athens Segway Tour

Mosaic Workshop in Athens

Unleash your family’s creative spirit with a delightful 2.5-hour Mosaic Workshop in Athens!

Not only does this engaging activity allow you and your kids to dive into the ancient art of mosaic-making, but it also includes a guided tour of the city’s Byzantine treasures.

Under expert guidance, each family member will craft their own mosaic masterpiece to take home, creating a personal and timeless memory of your Athenian adventure.

👉 More info: Mosaic Workshop in Athens

Greek Theatrical Show

Immerse your family in the enchanting world of Greek theatre with a spectacular performance at Koilon in Athens!

This isn’t just a show; it’s a journey into the heart of ancient Greek drama, where timeless tales are brought to life with passion and flair.

Kids and adults alike will be captivated by the powerful performances, stunning costumes, and evocative settings, providing a magical and educational evening under the Athenian sky.

👉 More info: Tickets for Koilon Theatrical Show

Greek Dance Show

Experience the vibrant spirit of Greece with your family at a lively Greek dance show at the Dora Stratou Theatre in Athens!

This is a colorful journey through Greece’s rich dance heritage. Children and adults will be equally mesmerized by the dynamic dancers, traditional costumes, and rhythmic music, offering a delightful and educational peek into Greek culture and traditions.

It’s a toe-tapping, hand-clapping evening that promises to be a highlight of your Athenian adventure with the kids!

👉 More info: Tickets for Dora Stratou Theater Greek Dance Show

With all these in your arsenal, you’re set to keep your family thoroughly engaged throughout your Athenian adventure. And for more tips and recommendations, feel free to peruse Captain Ulysses’ detailed article: A Guide to Athens: the Best Things to do in the Greek Capital What to See and Do?”

👉 Avoid waiting in line in Athens: book your tickets and tours in advance!

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