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Venise avec des enfants

Exploring Venice with Kids: Top Family-Friendly Activities

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Chasing pigeons in St. Mark’s Square is fun, but it won’t keep your kids entertained for your entire Venetian stay.

Good news: Captain Ulysses has got you covered with a curated list of kid-friendly activities in Venice! Let’s dive in.

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🧐 Want to know more about the history of Venice? Captain Ulysses highly recommends this free guided tour of the city. It’s up to you to choose how much you wish to tip the tour guide!

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🏛 Planning your trip to Venice? Be sure to check out Captain Ulysses’ complete article on what to see and do in the city: a Guide to Venice

Riding the elevator to the top of St. Mark’s Campanile

Soaring high above St. Mark’s Square, the Campanile provides jaw-dropping vistas of Venice from its peak. At a height of 323 feet, it’s a signature monument in the cityscape.

Initially erected in the 9th century, it was rebuilt in 1912 following its collapse a decade earlier. If you’re vacationing in Venice with the family, a trip to the top of St. Mark’s Campanile is an absolute must. In just a few minutes, you’ll be at the pinnacle, awestruck by the grandeur of Venice and its intricate network of canals and islands.

Treasure Hunt In Venice

Ready to add a sprinkle of fun and excitement to your Venetian adventure? Set off on a family-friendly treasure hunt that takes you through Venice’s maze-like streets, charming bridges, and secluded squares.

Solve intriguing puzzles and follow clues to uncover the city’s hidden gems, all while gaining insights into its rich history.

It’s a unique and engaging way to ensure your family trip to Venice is one for the books!

Bonus: It’s super affordable!

👉 For more details: Self-Guided Venice Treasure Hunt

Venice Family-friendly Private Tour

For a family-friendly adventure that’s as educational as it is entertaining, consider a private tour of Venice designed just for families.

This two-hour excursion takes you off the beaten path, exploring hidden alleyways and secret spots, including Marco Polo’s house.

Your local guide will engage the kids with interactive games, quizzes, and even a treasure hunt. Along the way, you’ll get to sample authentic pastries from a local bakery and visit a unique bookstore where books are stored in gondolas and bathtubs to protect them from flooding.

It’s a delightful way to see Venice through a different lens.

👉 For more details: Venice Family-friendly Private Tour

Vaporetto Tour on Venetian Canals

Ahoy, mini mariners! Ever thought of experiencing Venice’s grandeur from its world-famous canals?

The vaporetto, Venice’s own version of a city bus, is your go-to for local commuting! Opt for a 24 or 48-hour pass for unlimited canal cruising. Take in the Venetian landmarks that line the iconic Grand Canal and extend your voyage to the scenic islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello.

👉 For more info: Venetian Water Bus Passes

Venice Mysteries and Legends Guided Walking Tour

For a twist on the traditional Venice tour, consider an evening walking adventure that dives into the city’s mysteries and legends.

This 1-hour 45-minute journey takes you through the less-traveled districts of Castello and Cannaregio, where your guide will share ancient legends, ghost stories, and mysteries that have shaped Venice’s history.

As the sun sets, the city’s atmosphere takes on an eerie quality, adding an extra layer of suspense to the tales you’ll hear. This tour is perfect for families looking to explore Venice’s hidden stories while avoiding the daytime crowds.

👉 For more info: Venice Mysteries and Legends Guided Walking Tour

Venice Natural History Museum

Tucked away in the magnificent Fondaco dei Turchi, an age-old Venetian palace overlooking the Grand Canal, the Venice Natural History Museum is a must-visit for families adventuring through Venice.

As you step in, you’re welcomed by a dinosaur skeleton and a colossal fossilized crocodile, setting the stage for an intriguing journey. The museum offers a captivating blend of educational and fun exhibits,

making it a hit with kids and teens alike.

👉 For more details: Admission to the Venice Natural History Museum

The Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Venice

Situated close to the stunning Basilica dei Frari, Venice’s Leonardo da Vinci Museum is a captivating dive into the brilliance of the Renaissance mastermind.

The museum is both educational and interactive, showcasing a range of intriguing inventions based on da Vinci’s original designs, as well as high-quality replicas of his renowned artworks.

It’s a delightful and enlightening pit stop for families keen on delving deeper into the life of this legendary figure.

👉 For more info: Skip the line ticket to Venice’s Leonardo da Vinci Museum

The Lido Beach

Craving some beachside bliss? Just a quick 10-minute vaporetto ride and 12 kilometers away from Venice, you’ll find Lido Beach.

A hotspot for the elite and thinkers during the Belle Époque, it’s now a go-to for both visitors and Venetians alike.

Whether you’re up for sun-soaking, taking a dip in the Adriatic, or engaging in some beach sports, Lido offers the ideal family escape right on Venice’s doorstep.

👉 For more info: Venetian Water Bus Passes

Discovering Murano’s Glassblowers

Ready to give your family a taste of age-old craftsmanship? Venture to Murano to witness the art of Venetian glassblowing! With roots dating back to the 13th century, these master artisans continue to uphold this time-honored tradition.

With around a hundred glass workshops still operating on the island, you’ll be spoiled for choice—so much so that it might be hard to decide where to begin.

Many of these workshops offer tours and live glassblowing demos, with Vetreria Artistica Colleoni leading the pack.

👉 To secure your spot, consider booking your visit online: Murano Glass Factory Tour and Demonstration.

Gourmet Break and Discovery of Venetian Specialties

When you think of Venice, Italian cuisine naturally comes to mind! It’s impossible to visit the Serenissima without taking the time to taste some local specialties, with famous Italian ice creams topping the list!

Captain Ulysses recommends foodies make a little detour to Suso Gelatoteca (just a few steps from the Rialto Bridge), known for its delicious artisanal ice creams!

Among the Venetian gastronomic specialties, let’s also mention cicchetti (Venetian antipasti), marinated sardines, squid ink risotto, and bigoli in sauce (pasta resembling thick spaghetti).

👉 For more info: Street food tour with a local guide (+ tastings)

Venetian Cooking Class

For families looking to immerse themselves in Venetian culture, a cooking class offers a delicious and educational experience.

Hosted by Carolyn, an award-winning chef with over 20 years of experience in Italy, the class takes place in her charming Venetian home. Here, you’ll learn to make handcrafted pasta filled with seasonal ingredients and indulge in creating Venetian desserts.

The class culminates in a delightful meal where you can savor your culinary creations, accompanied by regional wines.

Suitable for all ages, this four-hour activity is a feast for both the mind and the palate.

👉 For more info: Book your Cooking Class

Venetian Mask-Making Workshop

In the mood for some hands-on creativity? Dive into the age-old tradition of Venetian mask-making, a craft deeply rooted in the city’s history and culture. Once designed for anonymity, these masks have evolved into iconic works of art that symbolize Venice itself.

This workshop lets you craft your very own Venetian mask under expert guidance. Choose from an array of 50 unique, handcrafted papier-mâché designs, and then bring it to life using traditional Venetian painting techniques and a palette of vibrant acrylics.

All the embellishments you’ll need—feathers, ribbons, and glitter—are provided, so you can add those final flourishes.

And the best part? You get to take your artistic creation home!

👉 For more info: Venetian Mask-Making Experience

The “Creature di Gomma” Exhibition

Ready to swap out conventional tourist spots for a whimsical, vibrant experience?

Make your way to the San Polo neighborhood! The “Creature di Gomma” exhibit is a treasure trove of Europe’s largest vintage toy collection, featuring over 6,000 relics from the ’60s through the ’90s. It’s a nostalgic trip down memory lane for parents and a captivating time capsule for kids eager to explore the playthings of generations past.

👉 For more details: Admission to the Creature di Gomma Exhibit

Gondola Ride on Venetian Canals

What’s a trip to Venice without experiencing its iconic gondolas?

For a truly authentic journey through Venice’s winding canals, a gondola ride is a must.

However, it’s worth noting that this quintessential Venetian experience doesn’t come cheap, especially if you book on the spot. But don’t fret—GetYourGuide offers competitively priced private tours that come highly recommended by previous travelers.

👉 For more details: Gondola Excursion

Family Photo Session in the Heart of Venice

Looking to capture your Venetian family adventure in a truly special way?

Consider booking a two-hour professional photo shoot. This unique experience lets you uncover Venice’s hidden gems while a skilled photographer snaps away, delivering 50 beautifully edited shots. Iconic backdrops like the Doge’s Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, and St. Mark’s Square make for picture-perfect memories.

Tailored to your family’s preferences, this photo session is the ultimate keepsake from your time in the Serenissima.

👉 For more details: 2-Hour Family Photo Shoot

Exploring the Surroundings of Venice by Bike

While Venice’s labyrinthine streets and multitude of bridges may not be bike-friendly, the areas surrounding the city are a cyclist’s dream. From the sandy shores of Lido Beach to the tranquil island of Pellestrina, there’s plenty to explore on two wheels.

So gear up and let’s ride!

👉 For more info: Venice Bike Rentals | Venice Electric Bike Rentals

Kayak Tour in Venice

For an adventurous twist to your Venetian vacation, consider a guided kayak tour that lets you explore the city’s iconic canals in a whole new way.

This 90-minute experience is not just a paddle through the water; it’s a journey through Venice’s rich history and stunning architecture. With a small group, you’ll navigate the lagoon and canals, getting up-close views of landmarks that most tourists only see from the shore.

👉 For more info: Kayak Tour in Venice

Murano Glass Workshop

Looking for a unique family experience? Why not dive into a Murano glass workshop?

You’ll do more than just watch a glassblower in action; you’ll get your hands in the game!

Guided by a skilled artisan, both kids and adults can craft their own glass masterpiece while learning the techniques and history behind this exceptional craft.

It’s also a fantastic opportunity to take home a handmade memento from your time in the enchanting city of Venice.

👉 For more info: Murano Glass Workshop

Captain Ulysses is confident you’ll discover the perfect activity on this list! For even more insider tips and must-see recommendations for your Venetian getaway, be sure to check out his comprehensive guide: Exploring Venice: Must-Sees and Must-Dos.

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